Face Masks

Not something we ever thought we would do, but in these crazy times, finding ourselves with a large amount of very nice vintage cotton and linen fabrics, a sewing studio and a cutting studio, it seemed like a no brainer to try and produce face masks using this amazing fabric that we have. Our current production takes 15 steps to complete a face mask, our goal is to do an assembly line type production to make them as fast and economic as possible, while keeping the quality high.

On our latest and hopefully version of our face mask, we put 2 small button holes on the outside of the mask with a channel connecting them for the removable nose wire. 

We finally received our shipment of thin flat elastic, so from now on we will be including 2 short lengths of elastic, so you can switch the setup to the behind the ear option if desired. 

We will be listing fresh face masks Monday-Friday at 10 A.M.

We only make items available online if we have them ready to ship. We typically ship Monday through Friday. As long as the order is placed by 3 p.m. the order will be shipped the day of purchase.

 Click here to see our production method.                     Click here to see care and use directions for the face masks.

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