Container Event

          Our Next Container Event is

Saturday July 27th 9-4

Sunday July 28th 11-3 

It will be at our store:


1001 41st Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

  Saturday 9-4

 Sunday 11-3 






New Guidelines for 2021 and Beyond

     We are re-implementing a sign in sheet, where the first who arrives is the first who shops, here is how it works.

    At 7:00 A.M. (Saturday Only) will have a numbered sign in sheet near the entrance. When you sign your name, take a corresponding token with your number (see photo) that way you don’t have to stand in line the whole time and can grab a coffee at Verve or something. With your token you can find your space in line when you are ready to line up. Please line up at least 10 minutes before 9:00


Buyer Stickers “Buyer” stickers are to put on items that are too large to pick up and carry around while you are shopping. Please put your name and phone number on the sticker, so we know who the buyer is. If you are the first person to put a sticker on an item, put a #1 in the box above your name. Stickers without phone numbers might be removed.

If you see an item you really want with a sticker already on it, you can put your sticker on it with a #2 in the square in the sticker, denoting you as the second in line to purchase the item if for some reason the first buyer doesn’t work out. 

As always, please do not put a “Buyer” sticker on an item you don’t intend to purchase. They are Buyer stickers, not Hold stickers.

Check out

Once you are finished shopping find one of the Patine girls and have them write you up an invoice with all the items you are purchasing, that way you can get in the checkout line with just the invoice and not all your goodies. It also makes the checkout process quicker.