Upcoming Events / Find us

You can find us weekly at our store "Patine"

1001 41st. Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 5:00

Sunday   11:00 - 4:00

Upcoming Events:    


Next Container Event         Sometime in 2024 Dates to be determined

                               at our store Patine

 1001 41st Ave.   

Santa Cruz, CA 95062    



Alameda                December 3rd Space C-14   (First Sunday of Every Month)

         2900 Navy Way (at Main Street)

  Alameda, CA 94501     


 Rose Bowl          November 12th  Space T-11 (Second Sunday of Every Month)

        1001 Rose Bowl Dr.

  Pasadena, Ca



Long Beach          December 17th  in the White section

      4901 E Conant Street
      Long Beach, CA 90808