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Eco-Friendly Decor

Grain Sack Pillow

We make these pillows from old grain sacks from Eastern Europe. The grain sacks are usually quite dirty and stained when we get them. It is an involved process, but they eventually come clean. Any sacks that come out of the cleaning process in excellent condition are made into body type pillows with buttons and button holes on the open end. We have to be a bit more creative when there are holes or horrific stains to be cut around. Those sacks end up as different size pillows depending on where we have to cut. On those we use a invisible zipper closure. Since they have been hot washed and dried by us, they can always be re-washed without fear of shrinking or bleeding. They come with a feather/down fill. We will always have some at any of the shows we do, or you can come by our store and showroom, Patine located in La Selva Beach, Ca. 


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