About Us

Owned and operated by Husband & Wife Eric & Dani Davis

       In 2002 we started importing textiles from Europe. Initially we were just buying and reselling at markets and a bit online. After about a year we started making pillows, that really seemed to work. We opened a showroom to sell the pillows and it blossomed, we started including other vintage/antique home decor. We were most successful with the pillows we were making out of old European grain sacks which we were able to source from several importers. When the economy crashed in 2008 our sources disappeared. After a few years of struggling to find good textiles we saved up enough to go to Europe and fill a 40' container. Even with a lot of textiles we had plenty of room in the container, so anything we thought was cool, or something we thought we could sell, we put it in there as well. So far things have worked out well:)