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Eco-Friendly Decor

French Ticking

Originally mattress ticking, cleaning this fabric is an involved process. First, in a confined room wearing a full respirator suit, we remove as many feathers as possible. Next we wash the ticking in a 130 minute sanitizing cycle, then soak it overnight in Oxi-Clean. In the morning we rinse the ticking and put it in the dryer on low for 10 minutes. Then we have to vacuum the feathers out of the dryer’s lint collector. We repeat the ten minutes on low then vacuum about 12 times! We repeat the whole process (Sanitizing, soak, rinse, dry) at least one more time, although on the second run, the dryer can run for 20 minutes before we need to vacuum the feathers.

What we make out of the ticking is determined by the condition of the ticking after the cleaning process. An excellent piece can be used to make a mattress cover whereas a very damaged piece will have to be cut up in small pieces for patchwork, etc...

We make a variety of pillows out of ticking. We will always have some at any of the shows we do, or you can come by our store and showroom, Patine located in La Selva Beach, Ca. 

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